Past Events

Events / Exhibitions Date
Geo India 12th Jan - 14th Jan
Bus and Utility Vehicle Show 15th Jan - 17th Jan
Doctor Conference and Workshop 20th Jan - 21st Jan
Delhi Wood 4th Feb - 7th Feb
Print Pack India 11th Feb - 15th Feb
Indian Handicraft & Gift Fair,Spring 20th Feb - 23rd Feb
India Foundary Exhibition and India Foundary Conference 27th Feb - 1st Mar
Energia'15 21st Mar – 23rd Mar
Special Mart Days 15th Apr - 18th Apr
Home Expo 16th Apr – 18th Apr
Global Refining & Petrochemicals Congress 1st Jul – 3rd Jul
Special Mart Days 10th Jul - 12th Jul
Indian Fashion Jewellery & Accessories Show (IFJAS) 10th Jul – 12th Jul
9th Renewable Energy India Expo 2015 23rd Sep – 25th Sep
India CORR Expo 6th Oct - 8th Oct
International Surface Engineering 7th Oct - 9th Oct
Special Mart Days 13th Oct - 19th Oct
IHGF Delhi Fair Autumn 2015 14th Oct - 18th Oct
Fitex-Fit India Expo 28th Nov - 29th Nov
Petrotech 2014 12th Jan - 15th Jan
Auto Expo - The Motor Show 2014 7th Feb - 11th Feb
Indian Handicraft & Gift Fair,Spring 17th Feb - 20th Feb
Pu Tech 12th Mar - 14th Mar
Home Expo 15th Apr - 18th Apr
Video Shoot 5th May - 7th May
Charted Financial Analyst 7th Jun
AGM Employees 29th Jun
Indian Fashion Jewellery & Accessories Show (IFJAS) 18th Jul - 20th Jul
Visit of Sri Sri RaviShankar 30th Aug
8th Renewable Energy show 3rd Sep - 5th Sep
FDI World Dental Congress 11th Sep -14th Sep
Indian Handicraft & Gift Fair,Autumn 14th Oct - 18th Oct
Technology Summit 18th Nov - 19th Nov
Knowledgexpo 2014 20th Nov - 22nd Nov
Fitness Show 29th Nov - 30th Nov
6th Regional Conference on Economic Partnership 1st Dec - 5th Dec
Charted Financial Analyst 6th Dec
Bauma Conex Expo 15th Dec -18th Dec
Retail Show(YMB) 23rd Jan - 24th Jan
Delhi Wood 31st Jan - 03rd Feb
Indian Handicraft & Gift Fair,Spring 08th Feb - 11th Feb
International Buses and Utility Vehicle Show 15th Feb - 18th Feb
Print Pack India 2013 23rd Feb – 28th Feb
International Conference on Hand Surgery 5th Mar – 10th Mar
Muncipallika 13th Mar – 15th Mar
AQUATECH & WRM 8th April - 10th April
Home Expo 15th April - 18th April
46th Annual General Meeting Of Asian Development Bank 2nd May - 5th May
Indian Fashion Jewellery & Accessories Show (IFJAS) 12th Jul - 14th Jul
7th Renenwable Energy India (REI) 12th Sept – 14th Sept
Inter Traffic 03rd Oct - 5th Oct
Pack Plus 6th Oct - 9th Oct
Indian Handicraft & Gift Fair,Autumn 15th Oct - 18th Oct
Honda Corporate event 22nd Oct - 25th Oct
41st Annual Conference Of Research Society for study of Diabetes in India RSSDI 2013 8th Nov – 10th Nov
Printing & Allied Machinery Exhibition (PAMEX) 14th Nov – 17th Nov
International Conference & Exhibition of Asia Pacific Natural Gas Vehicles Association 27th Nov – 29th Nov
Tool Tech'14 28th Nov - 30th Nov
IFSEC India 5th Dec - 7th Dec
Annual Day-Mothersonsumi 26th Dec
9th Everything About Water 9th Feb – 11th Feb
Indian Handicraft & Gift Fair, SPRING 18th Feb - 21st Feb
Modern Machine Shop 5th April - 8th April
Indian Houseware & Decorative Show 15th April - 18th April
ECL Summit & warehousing show 26th April – 28th April
IFJAS 13th July - 15th July
IT&CM 22nd Aug – 23rd Aug
2nd Waves Pool Spa & Bath 6th Sept – 8th Sept
Indian Handicraft & Gift Fair,Autumn 15th Oct - 18th Oct
6th IFSEC 1st Nov - 3rd Nov
6th Renewable Energy India 2012 Expo 7th Nov - 9th Nov
CeMAT 21st Nov - 24th Nov
Professional Beauty 2nd Dec - 4th Dec
PackPlus 2012 7th Dec - 10th Dec
ALUCAST 13th Dec - 15th Dec
GEO India 12th Jan - 14th Jan
Indian Handicraft & Gift Fair, SPRING 19th Feb - 22nd Feb
PU Tech 9th March - 11th March
India ECL (Express Cargo & Logistics) Summit and Warehousing Show 2011 21st April – 23rd April
FMM&T 2011 12th May - 14th May
Galgotia College of Engineering & Technology – Workshop 24th June - 26th June
Motherson Sumi Systems Ltd – Corporate event 26th June
Indian Fashion Jewellery & Accessories Show, IFJAS 08th July - 10th July
Car & bike event 3rd Oct
Indian Handicraft & Gift Fair, AUTUMN 15th Oct - 18th Oct
Motor Match 2011 28th Oct - 1st Nov
HCL Corporate event 25th Nov
Nissan Test Drive 2011 15th Dec
Maruti Autocross 17th Dec - 18 Dec
Motherson Sumi Systems Ltd – Corporate event 24th Dec
Family Day 6th Feb
IHGF 20th Feb - 23rd Feb
Indian Handicrafts & Gifts Sourcing Summit 29th April - 1st May
FMMMT 7th May - 9th May
Annual Day 29th May - 30th May
Hewit Town Hall 24th june 2010
Jewellary Show 9th July - 11th July
India International Garment Fair 12th July - 14th July
Dealer Meet and Track Event 4th August
IHGF 17th Oct- 20th Oct
Delhi International Renewal Energy Conference [DIREC-2010] 27th Oct - 29th OCt
PAN IIT 29th Oct - 31st OCt
Child Health Congress 14th November
Live Concert-25th Year Celebrations 21st November
Maruti Suzuki Autocross 2010 25th Dec - 26th Dec
Corporate Event,Annual Day 27th Dec
APICON (National Conference of the Physicians) 29 Jan - 1st Feb
IHGF 25 Feb - 28 Feb
FMMMT (UBM India) 8th May - 10th May
ViConstructure (Corporate Event) 17th Jun
Moserbaer India Ltd. 21th Jul
NRI Builders 29th Aug
IHGF (EPCH) 10th Oct to 13th Oct
Motherson Sumi Systems Ltd (Corporate Event) 26th Dec
Expo Media Events (ICON) 25 Apr - 27 Apr
Honda Siel Cars India Ltd. 22nd August
Encompass Events Pvt. Ltd. 5th September
Zenical Cars India Pvt. Ltd. 25 Sep - 27 Sep
India International Expo XXI Pvt. Ltd. 16 Sep - 19 Sep
IHGF (EPCH) 15 Oct - 18 Oct
JCI Event 4 Nov - 9 Nov
Choice Entertainment India Pvt. Ltd. 5 Nov - 8 Nov
GEO INDIA (Conference of Geologists) 13 Nov - 16 Nov
Russian Exhibition 25 Nov - 28 Nov
Professional Beauty 30 Nov - 2 Dec
Honda Siel Cars India Ltd. 7th December
Concrete Exhibition 11 Dec - 14 Dec
Moserbaer India Ltd. 24th December
Map India & Business Park 6 Feb - 8 Feb
IHGF (EPCH) 28 Feb - 4 march
PU TECH 12 Mar - 14 Mar
ICON-III 3rd May - 5th May
IPEX 24 Oct - 27 Oct
IHGF (EPCH) 16 Oct - 19 Oct
Intex International Apparel Fabrics and Accessories Trade Fair India 28 Sep - 30 Oct
India Handicrafts And Gift Fair (Autumn) 13 Oct - 17 Oct
Buyer Seller Meets 17 Oct - 25 Oct
India International Agriculture Technology & India International Food Technology 01 Nov - 03 Nov
Non Woven Textile Expo India 12 Nov - 14 Nov
India Information & Communication Technology Week 29 Nov - 01 Dec
Professional Beauty 03 Dec - 05 Dec
International Exhibition For Young Investors 07 Dec - 09 Dec

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