Investor Relations

Nodal Officer for the IEPF Authority

Ms. Anupam Sharma
Nodal Officer (IEPF)

Directors’ Appointment and Cessation
Newspaper advertisement-Notice of 19th AGM
Scrutinizer Report-19th AGM
Notice to Members under section 160
Notice and Annual Report FY 2019-20
Circular Letter and Advertisement for Transfer of Shares and Dividend-IEPF
Procedure for claiming Dividend and Shares-IEPF
Claim Unpaid Dividend
Shareholder E-communication Form
Dematerialization of shares and FAQ’s
Detail of IEPF Transfers (Dividend and Shares)
Corporate Social Responsibility
Composition-CSR Committee
CSR Initiative 2019-20
CSR - Initiatives
CSR- Annual Action Plan
Unclaimed Dividend for FY 2013-14
Unclaimed Dividend for FY 2014-15
Unclaimed Dividend for FY 2015-16
Unclaimed Dividend for FY 2016-17
Unclaimed Dividend for FY 2017-18
Unclaimed Dividend for FY 2018-19
Unclaimed Interim Dividend FY 2019-20
Form MGT-9 (Extract of Annual Return)
Terms and Conditions of Appointment of Independent Director
Nomination and Remuneration Policy
Existing MOA & AOA
Vigil Mechanism/Whistle Blower Policy