e-Nurture Program
A CSR Initiative

A Mission to Upskill Artisan Community through Knowledge Dissemination and Hand-holding Support

About E-Nurture

E-Nurture programme is an endeavor to provide and sharpen business skills such as Product Development, Merchandising Concepts, Consumer Trends, E-commerce Photography, Quality Assurance, Inventory, Packaging, Logistics and Finance for Small Businesses.

The training will bring about overall efficiency in doing business and will help their NGOs, Primary Producers and Societies to market their products on e-commerce platforms and ultimately result in sustained livelihood and income generation.

With the E-Nurture training project,we will help on board artisans in the country at various craft clusters and to provide them market linkages through their SHG’s and primary producer organizations to enter virgin markets.

The broad Objectives of the E-Nurture Training Programme:
  • To create digital literacy among Artisans/Micro Entrepreneurs.
  • To build the capacity and handhold the Artisans/Micro Entrepreneurs for on boarding/sale of their products to organizations/end users directly on digital platforms.
  • To enhance the sales prospects of their products resulting in improved social standing of Artisans/Micro Entrepreneurs in the community.

To read more, please visit www.e-nurture.org